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The Upstream Project

The Upstream Project

The Upstream Project

The RAFT recently completed a pilot to address youth homelessness in Niagara called “The Upstream Project”. The project is a first in Canada (adopted from a model in Australia) to identify students who are at risk and connect them with supports they need to continue their education in safe, stable housing.

RAFT has partnered with the DSBN to run the pilot project in a Niagara high school this spring. Thank you Mike Lethby and The RAFT team involved in Upstream. This program is a great example of the ways community groups and services can work together and find innovative ways to respond to changing needs in our community.

This type of project shows how we can continue to build a culture of compassion and understanding by working together. Through projects like Upstream, we can build a more inclusive community – a bigger circle where no one stands on the outside and help bulid a more positive future for our friends and neighbours in need.


For more information about Upstream visit the links below: