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We all want to live in a compassionate and prosperous city – socially, economically, environmentally and culturally. Signing the Compassionate STC Charter demonstrates our commitment to taking personal action to achieve our shared goals.  We have what it takes.
Sign the Charter

Sign the Charter
Together we can build a compassionate and prosperous community with opportunities for all.

Take Action

Take Action
See examples of how you can take action in your life and business.

Share Your Story

Share Your Experiences
Talk to family, friends and tell us about your experiences.

Why Sign the Compassionate STC Charter?

St. Catharines is a growing city. An ever-changing community of vibrant neighbourhoods, strong local businesses and amazing people. Our city is no stranger to hard work and innovation. The spirit of the St. Catharines citizens who built this community lives on today.

The wealth and well-being of our city is measured by the health and well-being of everyone. As a growing city we are not immune to the challenges of other cities: poverty, homelessness, mental health and creating prosperity for all.  These are challenges that we must work collectively to address.

There are many aspects to a compassionate city. Get involved in something that’s meaningful for you whether it’s helping the homeless, on the sports field, at your business, helping seniors living in isolation or at your place of worship.

We have what it takes to make St. Catharines a place where everyone belongs.  The success of our city depends on our residents, community partners, schools and businesses working together. We must set goals, identify challenges and together find solutions to make this great city even greater.

By signing the Compassionate STC Charter you are committing to being an active participant in building this future for St. Catharines.

Care + Action = Compassion!

It starts from within. From corporate training and development at City Hall to improving transit and affordable housing, these are areas where local government can have a direct impact through policy and partnerships.

inter-municipal transit

Inter-municipal Transit
St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland and Niagara Region are working together to create an inter-municipal transit system that serves the entire Niagara region so that people can get to school, work, health care and services.

vibrant city with opportunity for all

Affordable Housing
Over 5,000 households are on a wait list which continues to grow. We also know that a decent, safe and affordable place to call home is critical for mental and physical health, for accessing social services and to be able to return to school or work. Everyone needs a safe place to live.


A Compassionate City Hall
We are building awareness of the issues of poverty, homelessness and mental health so that our staff at City Hall, in our parks and recreation centres and in the community are prepared and empowered to respond.


Post a photo, share a story of how signing the charter made an impact.